Etudes Inuit Studies

Vol. 8 no 1 (1984)

Dans les traces de Boas: 100 ans d'anthropologie des Inuit /
In Boas' footsteps: 100 years of Inuit anthropology

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LEVI-STRAUSS, Claude (pages 3-10)
Un témoignage de Claude Lévi-Strauss sur Franz Boas / Claude Lévi-Strauss' testimony on Franz Boas

FREEMAN, Milton M. R. (pages 11-12)
Franz Boas on Baffin Island: a centennial observed

HICKEY, Clifford G. (pages 13-36)
An examination of processes of cultural change among nineteenth century Copper Inuit

COLE, Douglas and Ludger MÜLLER-WILLE (pages 37-64)
Franz Boas' expedition to Baffin Island, 1883-1884

SMITH, Eric A. (pages 65-88)
Approaches to Inuit socioecology

WENZEL, George W. (pages 89-102)
L'écologie culturelle et les Inuit du Canada: une approche appliquée

McCARTNEY, Allen P. (pages 103-116)
Daniel Weetaluktuk: Contributions to Canadian Arctic Anthropology



Two papers by Franz Boas (pages 117-144)


Réflexions / Short papers

ROSS, W. Gillies (pages 145-164)
George Comer, Franz Boas and the American Museum of Natural History

SALADIN D'ANGLURE, Bernard (pages 165-180)
Les masques de Boas: F. Boas et l'ethnographie des Inuit


Recensions / Book reviews

HARPER, Kenn (ed.)
Christmas in the Big Igloo, True Tales from the Canadian Arctic, Yellowknife, Outcrop Ltd, ills., x + 55 p. (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

1983 Writing systems and translations, Inuktitut, phs., 108 p. (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

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