Etudes Inuit Studies

Volume 27 nos 1-2 (2003)

Architecture paléoesquimaude

Palaeoeskimo Architecture

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Preface / Préface

Sylvie LeBlanc
Murielle Nagy
Rosiane de Lizaraga


Sylvie LeBlanc
Murielle Nagy

Articles / Papers

An Early Arctic Small Tool tradition structure from interior northwestern Alaska
Dan Odess (pages 13-28)

An overview of Palaeoeskimo architectural remains in the central Canadian Low Arctic
Karen Ryan (pages 29-65)

Identifying Pre-Dorset structural features on southern Baffin Island: Challenges and considerations for alternative sampling methods
S. Brooke Milne (pages 67-90)

A Late Dorset semi-subterranean structure from the Bell Site (NiNg-2), Ekalluk River, Victoria Island
Karen Ryan (pages 91-110)

Un alignement de pierres peut-il être un nangissat paléoesquimau?
Claude Pinard (pages 111-130)

Analyse spatiale et architecture du site dorsétien GhGk-63 (Kuujjuarapik, Nunavik)
Pierre M. Desrosiers (pages 131-154)
Noura Rahmani

Habitations, camps et territoires des Inuit de la région de Kangiqsujuaq-Salluit, Nunavik
Yves Labrèche (pages 155-190)

Variability and change in Palaeo-Eskimo architecture: A view from the Canadian High Arctic
Patricia Sutherland (pages 191-212)

Transitional occupations of southeastern Somerset Island, Nunavut
Eric Damkjar (pages 213-238)

The Dorset culture longhouse at Brooman Point, Nunavut
Robert W. Park (pages 239-254)

Late Dorset architecture on Little Cornwallis Island, Nunavut
Genevieve LeMoine (pages 255-280)
James Helmer
Bjarne Grønnow

Palaeoeskimo dwellings in Greenland: A survey
Claus Andreasen (pages 283-306)

Palaeo-Eskimo gathering site architecture: An example from Godthåb Fjord, Greenland
Martin Appelt (pages 309-328)

The architecture at three Saqqaq sites in the Nuuk Fjord, Greenland
Maria Hinnerson Berglund (pages 329-346)

Hearth and home of the Palaeo-Eskimos
Ulla Odgaard (pages 349-374)

A review of Palaeoeskimo dwelling structures in Newfoundland and Labrador
Priscilla Renouf (pages 375-416)

Palaeoeskimo structures in the Okak region of Labrador
Steven L. Cox (pages 417-434)

A Groswater Palaeoeskimo feature from Coachman's Cove, Newfoundland
John C. Erwin (pages 435-450)

A Middle Dorset semi-subterranean dwelling at Point Riche, Newfoundland
Edward J.H. Eastaugh (pages 451-472)

A Middle Dorset Palaeoeskimo structure at Peat Garden North, northwest Newfoundland
Latonia J. Hartery (pages 473-492)
Timothy L. Rast

A Middle Dorset dwelling in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
Sylvie LeBlanc (pages 493-514)

Recensions / Book reviews

BRAVO, Michael and Sverker SORLIN (eds), Narrating the Arctic: A Cultural History of Nordic Scientific Practices (Chris Paci).

BUCHWALD, Vagn Fabritius, Ancient Iron and Slags in Greenland (Lynda Gullason).

COLIN H. Scott (ed.), Aboriginal Autonomy and Development in Northern Quebec and Labrador (Jean Rousseau).

FITZHUGH, William W., Stephen LORING and Daniel ODESS (eds.), Honouring Our Elders. A History of Eastern Arctic Archaeology (Daniel Gendron).

GAGNON, Mélanie and Iqaluit Elders, Memory and History in Nunavut 2, Inuit recollections on the military presence in Iqaluit (Maxime-Steeve Bégin).

GOLOVNEV, Andrei V. and Gail OSHERENKO, Siberian Survival: The Nenets and their Story (Virginie Vaté).

GRANT, Shelagh D., Arctic justice: On trail for murder, Pond Inlet, 1923 (Frank James Tester).

HAMELIN, Louis-Edmond, Le Québec par des mots. L'hiver et le Nord, avec la participation de Marie-Claude Lavallée, projet supervisé par Hélène Cajolet-Laganière et Pierre Martel (Louis-Jacques Dorais).

LEONARD, David Downie and Terry FENGE (eds), Northern Lights against POPs, Combatting Toxic Threats in the Arctic (Joanna Kafarowski).

NUTTALL, Mark, Protecting the Arctic, Indigenous Peoples and Cultural Survival (Edmund Searles).

RHOLEM, Karim, Uvattinnit. Le Peuple du Grand Nord. The People of the Far North (Frédéric Laugrand).

WACHOWICH, Nancy, in collaboration with Apphia Agalakti AWA, Rhoda Kaukjak KATSAK, and Sandra Pikujak KATSAK, Saqiyuq, Stories from the Lives of Three Inuit Women (Edmund Searles).

THORPE, Natasha , Naikak HAKONGAK, Sandra EYEGETOK and the Kitikmeot Elders, Thunder on the Tundra: Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit of the Bathurst Caribou, (Nic Larter).

Revue des revues / Survey of Periodicals

Thèses / Dissertations

Informations scientifiques / Scientific information

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