Volume  31(1-2), 2007

Tchoukotka / Chukotka

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Articles / Papers

Le peuple yupik et ses voisins en Tchoukotka: huit décennies de changements accélérés
Yvon Csonka (pages 7-22)

The Yupik people and its neighbours in Chukotka: Eight decades of rapid changes
Yvon Csonka (pages 23-37)

The “priests” of East Cape: A religious movement on the Chukchi Peninsula during the 1920s and 1930s
Peter Schweitzer and Evgeniy Golovko (pages 39-58)

The end of  “Eskimo land”: Yupik relocations, 1958-1959
Igor Krupnik and Mikhail Chlenov (pages 59-81)

Uelen hunters and artists
Mikhail Bronshtein (pages 83-101)

Changes in Soviet and post-Soviet Indigenous diets in Chukokta
Andrew Kozlov, Vladislav Nuvano and Galina Vershubsky (pages 103-119)

An ethnomycological approach to land use values in Chukotka
Sveta Yamin-Pasternak (pages 121-141)

Chukotka’s Indigenous intellectuals and subversion of Indigenous activism in the 1990s
Patty A. Gray (pages 143-161)

Post-Soviet structures, path-dependency and passivity in Chukotkan coastal villages
Bent Nielsen (pages 163-181)

Language, identities and ideologies of the past and present Chukotka
Daria Morgounova (pages 183-200)

Notes de recherche / Short papers

The diffusion of Chukchi “magic words” in Chukotkan and St. Lawrence Yupik folklore texts
Willem J. de Reuse (pages 201-211)

The trials and joys of comparative dictionary making
Michael Fortescue (pages 213-221)

Quelques données sur la langue tchouktche
Charles Weinstein (pages 223-249)

Yupik language teaching in Chukotka
Natalia (Qurangawen) Rodionova (pages 251-255)

A propos du chant rituel tchouktche
Zoïa Weinstein-Tagrina (pages 257-272)

Savoirs et représentations du renne des Tchouktches éleveurs
Virginie Vaté (pages 273-286)

Some SLiCA project results from Chukotka
Larisa Abryutina (pages 287-302)

Current research in Chukotka by local researchers

Introduction: Current research in Chukotka by local researchers
Virginie Vaté (pages 303-304)

Dialects in the Chukchi language
Grigori I. Ranavrol'tyn (pages 305-306)

Chukchi reindeer herding culture
Vladislav Nuvano (pages 307-310)

Chukchi traditional clothing as historical source of cultural transformation
Nadezhda I. Vukvukai (pages 311-315)

Ethnocultural processes among the Chukchi in the 20th century
Galina Diachkova (pages 317-320)

Traditional knowledge about polar bear in Chukotka
Eduard Zdor (pages 321-323)


Aboriginal peoples of Chukotka
Larisa Abryutina (pages 325-341)

Hors thème / Off theme

Iñupiaq pride: Kivgiq (Messenger Feast) on the Alaskan North Slope
Hiroko Ikuta (pages 343-364)

Essai bibliographique / Book review essay

From stories to material culture: European scholars in the Arctic
Claire Alix (pages 365-374)

Recensions / Book reviews

FRINK, Lisa, Rita SHEPARD and Gregory A. REINHARDT (eds), Many Faces of Gender: Roles and Relationships through Time in Indigenous Northern Communities
Lynda Gullason (pages 375-380)

KAISER, Ulrike, Die Inuit: Ein Volk der Arktis
Nicole Stuckenberger (pages 380-382)

KJÆRGAARD, Katherine et Thorkild KJÆRGAARD, Nuummi Noorliit 1733-2003 et Ny Herrnhut i Nuuk 1733-2003
Louis-Jacques Dorais (pages 382-383)

LAUGRAND, Frédéric, Jarich Oosten and François Trudel (eds), Apostle to the Inuit: the journals and ethnographic notes of Edmund James Peck, the Baffin years, 1894-1905
Nicole Stuckenberger (pages 383-386)

McCARTNEY, ALLEN P. (ed.) Indigenous Ways to the Present: Native Whaling in the Western Arctic
Kerrie Ann Shannon (pages 387-388)

PLUMET, Patrick, Peuples du Grand Nord, tome I: Des mythes à la préhistoire , tome II: Vers l’«Esquimau»: Du mammouth à la baleine
Yvon Csonka (pages 388-391)

STUCKENBERGER, Nicole, Thin Ice: Inuit Traditions Within a Changing Environment
Shari Gearhead (pages 391-393)

VEBÆK, Mâliâraq, The Southernmost People of Greenland – Dialects and Memories. Qavaat – Oqalunneri Eqqaamassaallu
Louis-Jacques Dorais (pages 393-394)

Revue des revues / Survey of periodicals
(pages 395-404)

Thèses / Dissertations
(pages 405-423)

In Memoriam

Lydia T. Black (1925-2007)
(pages 425-426)


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