Anessa Kimball

Battle Rythm in a Time of Corona

30 mars 2020

Anessa Kimball, professeure agrégée, a participé à un podcast du CGAI Podcast Network à propos du coronavirus.

In the 20th episode of Battle Rhythm, Steve and our guest co-host this week, Anessa Kimball, fellow co-director of the CDSN and lead of the Security theme recap CDSN events and discuss governance under COVID, changes in the CAF leadership and finding creative ways to connect with students with social distancing. Our Emerging Scholar interview features CDSN Capstone Laureate, David Hofmann, Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of New Brunswick, who presented his paper at the last Gregg Centre Annual Conference. This week’s Peeve is on hiatus as we provide more info on our upcoming Summer Institute.

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