Convergence néolibérale ou nouveau étatisme?

Convergence néolibérale ou nouveau étatisme?

17 mai 2017

SÉMINAIRE DU CRIMT - MERCREDI 17 MAI, 12h00-13h30 - Salle Rodrigue Blouin (3241), Pavillon J.-A.-DeSève

Guglielmo MEARDI
Directeur, Industrial Relations Research Unit
University of Warwick

"Convergence néolibérale ou nouveau étatisme?"
Intégration européenne et changements dans les relations industrielles européennes depuis Maastricht (1992-2017)
(La présentation aura lieu en visioconférence et se déroulera en français

Résumé : The paper analyses industrial relations change in the six largest EU countries since 1992 in relation to increased internationalisation pressures. Based on qualitative and quantitative analysis, it distinguishes between associational and state governance, and detects that despite a predominant, but not universal, trend of weakening trade unions and collective bargaining, no overall liberalisation has occurred in the political regulation of employment (employment policies, welfare state, labour law, state support to collective bargaining, public sector). The implication is that, against portrayals of one-dimensional neoliberal convergence, economic internationalisation interacts with state-specific political institutions and even provokes their reaction and tightening.