Luca Tiberti

Luca Tiberti publiera un article dans la revue Journal of Development Studies

26 février 2020

Luca Tiberti, professeur au département, publiera l'article " Evidence of the Impact of Children’s Household Chores and Market Labor on Learning from School Census Data in Brazil" dans la revue Journal of Development Studies. Le papier a été rédigé avec Ana Lucia Kassouf (University of São Paulo, Brésil) et Marcos Garcias (Federal University of Latin America Integration, Brésil).

Ci-dessous un résumé du papier:

This study analyzes the impact of children’s household chores and market labor on learning using Prova Brazil census data from 2007/2011, 2009/2013, 2011/2015 and 2013/2017. To do that, we created a large panel dataset with students in 5th and 9th Grades. A panel fixed effects model with an instrumental variable approach was applied to control for the endogeneity of child labor. Possible attrition bias was taken into account through inverse probability weights. The work performed by children either in the household, or in the labor market was detrimental to their academic performance. In the 2013/2017 panel, the largest impact was a reduction close to 12.3% in Portuguese and more than 10% in Mathematics test scores when children worked in both places labor market and household. Our results also indicate that household chores, which are often not counted in social statistics and not considered dangerous, should be included in policies designed to combat child labor.