Marc André Bodet

Marc André Bodet a remporté le prix GESIS Klingemann

26 juin 2018

L’article "Linking Party Preferences and the Composition of Government: A New Standard for Evaluating the Performance of Electoral Democracy" publié dans Political Science Research and Methods par André Blais, Eric Guntermann et Marc André Bodet a remporté le prix GESIS Klingemann 2018 en tant que meilleur recherche utilisant le CSES, publiée en 2018.

Résumé : We propose a new standard for evaluating the performance of electoral democracies: the correspondence between citizens’ party preferences and the party composition of governments that are formed after elections. We develop three criteria for assessing such correspondence: the proportion of citizens whose most preferred party is in government, whether the party that is most liked overall is in government, and how much more positively governing parties are rated than non-governing parties. We pay particular attention to the last criterion, which takes into account how each citizen feels about each of the parties as well as the intensity of their preferences. We find that proportional representation systems perform better on the first criterion. Majoritarian systems do better on the other two.

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