Political Elites in Canada

Political Elites in Canada. Power and Influence in Instantaneous Times

27 septembre 2018

Sous la direction d'Alex Marland, Thierry Giasson et Andrea Lawlor

Political Elites in Canada offers a timely look at Canadian political power brokers and how they are adapting to a fast-paced digital media environment. Elite power structures are changing worldwide, and the rise and fall of political influencers permeates national headlines. In many areas, traditional elites are losing authority over prevailing social, economic, and political structures owing to the rise of populist sentiments and technological changes that help facilitate a more egalitarian approach to information sharing. Communication between and among power brokers and citizens is having dramatic implications for political institutions and governance.

In order to understand the evolution of political elites and their hold on power, this volume explores the changing landscape of traditional power brokers, the ascent of new elites, and how these groups are using digital communication to connect with Canadians in unprecedented ways. Featuring empirical studies of governmental decision makers in the public service, such as political staff and public servants, premiers, and judges, and non-governmental influence brokers, such as social media commentators and non-profit organizations, this collection is a much-needed synthesis of elite politics in Canada.

Political Elites in Canada makes a significant contribution to the understanding of the impact of digital media on the role and evolution of political influence and thus on democracy.

A timely work that examines how Canadian political elites are adapting to changes in digital media technology.

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