Etudes Inuit Studies

Vol. 13 no 1 (1989)

Les Inuit et la faune / Inuit and animals

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WENZEL, George W. (pages 3-22)
Sealing at Clyde River, N.W.T.: A discussion of Inuit economy

DAHL, Jens (pages 23-42)
The integrative and cultural role of hunting and subsistence in Greenland

YOUNG, Oran (pages 43-60)
The politics of animal rights: Preservationists vs. consumptive users in the North

RICHLING, Barnett (pages 61-74)
Recent trends in the Northern Labrador seal hunt

DUHAIME, Gérard (pages 75-114)
La catastrophe et l'État: histoire démographique et changements sociaux dans l'Arctique

VAKHTIN, Nikolai B. (pages 115-130)
Towards order analysis of Yupik Eskimo verbal inflexion


Réflexions / Short paper

PETROV, Alexandr A. (pages 131-134)
The bear taboo in Even language and folklore


Recensions / Book reviews

COX, Bruce Alden (ed.)
1988 Native people, Native lands. Canadian Indians, Inuit and Metis, Carleton Library Series No. 142, Ottawa, Carleton University Press, tabs., figs., xv + 298 p. (François Trudel).

1989 8ième Conférence des Aînés Inuit. Quaqtaq, Nunavik, Québec. 29 août au 2 septembre 1988, Inukjuak, Institut culturel Avataq, xii + 79 p. (Jacques Grondin).

KRECH, Shepard III
1988-89 A Victorian Earl in the Arctic: The travels and collections of the fifth Earl of Lonsdale, Seattle, University of Washington Press. (David Morrison).

1988 The road to Nunavut: The Progress of the Eastern Arctic Inuit since the Second World War, Kingston and Montréal, McGill-Queen's University Press, 308 p. (Gérard Duhaime).

1987 Le corps inuit (Québec arctique), Paris, Société d'Etudes Linguistiques et Anthropologiques de France, 200 p. (Rose Dufour).

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