24 septembre 2021

Heure: 10h30 - 11h45
Lieu: Par zoom

Description de l'événement

Conférencier : Christopher Cronin (Notre Dame)

Invité par : Maripier Isabelle

Titre :  Training Caregivers: Experimental Evidence (avec  Ethan Lieber)

Résumé: Medicaid spends approximately 100 billion dollars annually on home and community-based care for the disabled, yet few caregivers have received training related to the services they provide. We use a randomized controlled trial to estimate the demand for training among formal caregivers associated with a home healthcare agency in north Texas. We find that 13 percent of caregivers complete training without a financial incentive. Paying caregivers four times their hourly wage increases training completion by roughly nine percentage points. Among individuals who were unambiguously aware of the training, these figures are 35 and 58 percent, respectively. Welfare analysis suggests that subsidized training programs for caregivers are likely to provide greater welfare benefits per dollar of spending than a wage subsidy.