14 septembre 2017

Heure: 9h am
Lieu: DES-2237

Détails supplémentaires

Conférencier(e) :

Invité par : Arthur Silve

La deuxième saison des "déjeuners de l'économie" commencera le jeudi 14 septembre, à 9am, au local DES-2237. Comme il s'agit de la première séance, chacun est invité à amener des propositions de lecture pour le reste de la session. 

Pour cette première séance, nous vous proposons la lecture de : Identity, Occupational Choice, and Mobility: Historical Conditions and Current Decisions in the American Midwest, par Kaivan Munshi et Nicholas Wilson.

Comme d'habitude, le café et les galettes seront fournis!

Voici le résumé de l'article :

"This paper examines the role played by local identity, or the attachment to a hometown, in restricting occupational choice and mobility. Providing economic foundations at the level of the community for this deviation from individual self-interest, the analysis links competition between ethnic networks in the Midwest when it was first developing, and the in-group identity that emerged endogenously to support these networks, to institutional participation and occupational choice today. Individuals born in counties with greater ethnic competition in 1860 are today – 150 years later – (i) significantly more likely to participate in institutions such as churches and parochial schools that transmit identity from one generation to the next, and (ii) significantly less likely to select into mobile skilled occupations. The effect of historical competition on participation in these socializing institutions grows stronger over the course of the twentieth century, emphasizing the idea that small differences in initial conditions can have large long-term effects on institutions and economic choices."