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Pietro Marzo, doctorant au Département de science politique de l'Université Laval

Pietro Marzo

Département de science politique

Titre de la thèse: The international dimension of Tunisia transition to democracy

My project aims at investigating the international context surrounding Tunisia’s transition to democracy. Following the outbreak of the Arab Spring, Tunisia is the only arab country that has successfully democratized, in a region where authoritarian retrenchment prevails. Tunisian transition has been studied extensively but the focus has been overwhelmingly domestic, ranging from the reasons why there was a revolution to the leading actors in the transition. Thus, the international dimension that surrounds Tunisian democratic transition deserves greater scholarly attention. The main goal of my research is to explain how external actors and global dynamics have influenced the choices and the behaviour of Tunisian domestic actors, and how these actors affected the pace, the direction and the effectiveness of the democratic transition process. This research will employ international variables to explain domestic outcomes, using both theories of international relations and the analytical tools of democratization. 

Direction : Francesco Cavatorta

Études antérieures

Literature and history, University of Catania (Catania)
International affairs, Luiss University (Rome)

Bourses et distinctions

Bourse Globalink Mitacs

Intérêts de recherche

  • Démocratisation
  • Moyen-Orient
  • Partis islamiques